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Choose Your Own Four Pack

$29.99 $35.96

A perfect gift for the hot sauce aficionado in your life or the chance to spoil yourself with some of your favorite flavors.

Choose your own 4 pack of hot sauces.  Just select from the drop down menus for each sauce.  

Feel free to add any combination of sauces or even all 4 of one flavor if you wish!!

Make sure to select your choices from the drop down menus before adding to cart! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Clay Steres

It's IT!!!! One of the best everyday sauces on the market!! A perfect blend of Vinegar, Peppers, and Garlic that takes whatever food I put it on to the next level.

Joshua Cooksy
Awesome sauce

Love all these flavors

Casey Addison
Great as always

First time trying Cur-ibbean and I must say, this is probably your best sauce to date. The flavor profiles are perfect with just enough heat. Fantastic sauce!

Beth Bittner
Make a bigger bottle!!

I love Smoldering Embers sauce so much. It's smoky and flavorful and good on everything! I'm going through a bottle in about 2 weeks, and that's me being stingy with it
Please make a bigger bottle y'all, and keep it up.

Kevin W.
The Best sauce I’ve ever had

This sauce does not disappoint, good spices and flavor in every drop. I will definitely purchase more and spread the word once the bottles are empty. A definite good find !!