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Bruno's BBQ Rub (4.3oz)


Mild Heat


Bruno’s BBQ Rub is the secret to effortless and delicious grilling! This versatile BBQ rub, featuring a subtle mesquite undertone, strikes the perfect harmony between sweet and savory, enhancing the flavor of everything from succulent ribs to mouthwatering chicken. Say goodbye to culinary guesswork and let Bruno’s BBQ Rub make you the grill master you aspire to be.

Inspired by our cherished family companion, Bruno, who was a constant presence at the grill, this rub is not just a seasoning – it's a tribute. To honor Bruno's memory, a portion of every sale goes to Paws4ever, the place where we welcomed him into our family.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, spices, salt, dried garlic, dried onion.

All Natural -- Gluten Free -- Vegan

***Award Winning***

***2023 International Flave Awards - 1st Place Rubs***

***2023 Sparky Awards - 1st Place Rubs***

***2023 New York City Hot Sauce Expo - 2nd Place Rub***

***2023 NC Hot Sauce Contest - 3rd Place Rub***

***2022 NYC Hot Sauce Expo - 2nd Place Dry Rub***

***2022 International Flave Awards - 3rd Place Rub***

***2022 Fiery Food Challenge - 3rd Place Dry Rub/Fowl***

***2021 Artisan Flave Award - 2nd Place Spice Blend***

***2021 NYC Hot Sauce Expo - 1st Place Dry Rub***


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
jamie green

My husband loves these rubs for cooking on the grill and smoker!

Robert vansteenburg

This weekend I tried the rub on some chicken wings and the flavor was amazing