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Choose Your Own Three Pack

$21.99 $29.97

A perfect gift for the hot sauce aficionado in your life or the chance to spoil yourself with some of your favorite flavors.

Choose your own 3 pack of hot sauces.  Just select from the drop down menus for each sauce.  

Feel free to add any combination of sauces or even all 3 of one flavor if you wish!!

Make sure to select your choices from the drop down menus before adding to cart! 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bob Rice/Sauced&Glazed
5 ★plus

I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting Mike, and he is truly a great guy! This is shown through his product, presentation, customer service and speedy shipping.

Bob Shenton
Rising Smoke Sauceworks 3 pack

It: Garlic forward with a slight mouth burn..perfect table sauce to add to any meal!
Smoldering Embers:This one is unique, to me it’s a glorious combination of smoked meats and peppers with a definite kick, the heat lets you know it’s there. This is great on pizza and pastas.

Michelle Dove
Best Hot Sauce available!!

We this stuff! I bought IT, Fiesta Caliente, and Smoldering Embers, our personal favorite. This hot sauce is flavorful and packed with heat. Go ahead, get some! I dare you!

David Pointer
Outstanding All Around

First, the easy part. Shipping, tracking and packing were perfect. Now, the best part. I ordered Synergy, It & Pineapple Oasis hot sauces. All were above expectations and I find myself rotating between all three. Absolutely wonderful and the descriptions provided on the website are spot on. I will absolutely be ordering more as well as other sauces from Rising Smoke. Great stuff!


These sauces were amazing. I really liked Synergy because it has an oriental favor. I got the It sauce and that was garlic and Cheyenne peppers with a nice amount of heat.