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Award Winning - All Natural - Hand Crafted

Our story...

Rising Smoke Sauceworks is, a small family-owned business located in the heart of North Carolina. At Rising Smoke, we are passionate about creating truly unique flavor experiences through the artful combination of smoked and roasted ingredients. With a commitment to putting flavor first, we cater to individuals who appreciate distinct taste profiles, regardless of their preferred heat level.

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful philosophy: to craft all-natural products without the use of preservatives. This commitment not only ensures the authenticity of our flavors but also reflects our dedication to providing high-quality, wholesome products.

In our first six years, we have been humbled and honored to receive over 100 awards, showcasing our prowess at esteemed competitions such as the National Fiery Foods Show in New Mexico, Zest Fest in Texas, the New York City Hot Sauce Expo, and the North Carolina Specialty Foods Association. These accolades not only validate our dedication to excellence but also highlight the exceptional taste that sets our products apart.

At Rising Smoke Sauceworks, we believe in more than just making hot sauce — we're on a mission to elevate your culinary experience. Join us in savoring the extraordinary, one flavor-packed bottle at a time.